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The Meaning of "INTEGRITAS"

"INTEGRITAS!"  This was the shout of the Roman Legions. 


In ancient Rome the Republic was protected by the Legions, volunteers from every walk of life.  Centurions were  tasked with the training and discipline of these soldiers, preparing the new recruits and mentoring the veterans, they oversaw all training in soldierly virtues and duties.  When a legionnaire was ready to assume a new post or take part in battle he would stand before his Centurion with all his weapons and equipment, strike his breast in salute, and declare, "INTEGRITAS!"  the word means "complete", but in the Legions this one word was used to signify to the Centurion that the soldier was ready; in mind, body, spirit, and equipment.  They were confident they had the best training, their armor was clean, their weapons sharp, they were ready to take their place in the front line of the greatest fighting force in the world, ready to fight for and defend their republic and the people of Rome.  

Here at Integritas, our goal is to provide the most up to date and complete training and education to all who choose to train with us. Though you may not be joining the ranks of fighting forces and risking your life for God and country, you owe it to yourself and your family to be completely prepared for whatever situation that may arise.

When you leave our courses, you will be able to confidently declare, "INTEGRITAS!" You will be ready to move forward with purchasing, owning, and carrying a firearm, and looking for the next step in your education with us.

Our Mission

At INTEGRITAS we are constantly focused on the safety and well being of all our students.  We take the time necessary to prepare and perfect the classes we teach, and through our own continuing education, we bring you the best firearms education possible. 


We give you the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to safely and responsibly own and enjoy firearms.


We take pride in the fact that our instructors are actively involved in the firearms community and continue to build on their training, education, and experience.

We are committed to YOUR complete firearms education!

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