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Alex Carrillo

Owner and

Training Coordinator

Dedicated to constant honing of his craft.

Alex Carrillo

Alex  spent over 27 years as a United States Marine.  During this time he trained and advised military and civilian police forces around the world- to include: Law Enforcement SWAT personnel in the United States; Colombian Marine Battalions conducting counter-narcotics operations in the jungles of eastern Colombia; Iraqi police and Army battalions conducting combat operations in the city of Ramadi, Iraq; Afghan National Army units conducting combat operations in the Korengal Valley of Eastern Afghanistan; and The Presidential Guard of the Prince Khalifa Brigade of the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces.


Alex served a large portion of his career as a Scout Sniper, Small Arms Weapons Instructor, and Infantry Unit leader.  He trained thousands of Marines in Close Quarters Combat (CQB) and Crew Served Weapons.  He has designed and supervised live fire training at every level from the individual Marine up to a Marine Expeditionary Unit utilizing every weapon in the Marine Corps arsenal. 


Alex finished his career as an Infantry Weapons Officer (Marine Gunner) and served as the Subject-Matter-Expert on all things Marksmanship for Marine Corps Installations - Pacific (Japan, Korea, Australia, and islands in the Western Pacific). He was responsible for the Rifle and Pistol Annual Qualification programs; for Marksmanship Coach, Trainer, and Instructor certification and development; and Marine Corps Marksmanship Competitions (Division Matches and Intramural competitions).

Alex has helped test, evaluate and field anti-tank missiles, sniper optics, and individual battle rifles for the Marine Corps and US Special Operations Command.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in every imaginable aspect of marksmanship, firearms, equipment, and tactical training.

Alex's military decorations include the Bronze Star Medal with "V" device for heroic service, The Combat Action Ribbon with gold star for second award, Ten awards of the Rifle Expert Badge, and Five awards of the Pistol Expert Badge.

He actively competes in multiple shooting disciplines to keep honing his skills.







Military Certifications

-Marine Infantry Weapons Officer

-Marine Scout Sniper Instructor

-USMC Small Arms Weapons Instructor

-USMC High Risk Personnel

-John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and Schools Anti-Terrorism Instructor

-US Army Foreign Weapons and Range Officer

-Senior Marine Combat Instructor

-USMC Operations and Tactics Instructor

-SERE Level - C

-Maritime Special Purpose Force Reconnaissance and Surveillance

-Kroll, Inc. Sudden Violence Course

-Tactical Tracking Operations School Combat Tracker

-USMC Combat Hunter

-USMC Combat Lifesaver

-Mountain Warfare Instructor (Red Hat)

-HRST Master

Civilian and Other Agency Training

-FEMA Active Shooter Training

-NRA Home Firearms Safety Instructor

-NRA Basic Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun Instructor

-NRA Personal Protection In the Home Instructor


-NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading Instructor

-NRA Range Safety Officer / Chief RSO

-IDPA Safety Officer

-Nevada Department of Wildlife Advanced Hunter Safety Instructor

-Gunsite Instructor Development Alumni

Professional Affiliations


-Carson Valley Friends of NRA Committee

-USMC Scout Sniper Association Charter Member

-Reconnaissance and Sniper Foundation

-Palomino Valley Gun Club 

Additional Training

-Stop the Bleed

-Wilderness First Responder

-Wilderness First Aid / O2 Provider (American Red Cross)

-CPR (American Heart Association)

-First Aid / CPR / O2 Provider (Divers Alert Network)

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