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Amber Carrillo

Owner and

Primary Instructor

A passionate advocate for firearms safety.

Amber Carrillo

Amber is a passionate advocate for firearms education.  She grew up in a family with a negative view of guns.  Then she married a Marine.  After spending many years learning and practicing safe firearms handling she was moved by her own experience to help dispel the myths and misunderstandings surrounding firearms.  She enthusiastically helps others gain the experience and skills necessary to have fun and be safe around all types of firearms.  

Amber has been a guest speaker for multiple organizations, preaching her message of firearms safety for many years,  She has used over a decade of teaching experience to conduct firearms safety education in multiple states, from coast to coast, and countries all over the world to include the Asia Pacific region and the Middle East.  Her students have ranged from young children and disabled citizens to Law Enforcement professionals.


Her passion is changing people's lives through training and education in the proper use and respect for firearms.  Amber specializes in helping victims of firearms related crimes conquer their fear of firearms and educating mis-informed citizens of the true nature and capabilities of firearms vice what they see in films and media.






Professional Certifications

-Nevada CCW Instructor

-California CCW Instructor

-California POST I Orange County Sheriff

-International Hunter Education Instructor

-National Archery in Schools Program Instructor

-SIRT Pistol Instructor

-NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

-International Defensive Pistol Association Safety Officer

-A Girl and A Gun Facilitator (Douglas County NV chapter)

-CMP JROTC Marksmanship Instructor

-Certified Armorer for:

          -Springfield Armory



-NRA Certified Instructor for:

          -Home Firearms Safety

          -Basic Pistol

          -Basic Rifle

          -Basic Shogun

          -Personal protection in the Home

          -Personal Protection outside the Home

          -Metallic Cartridge Reloading

          -Shot Shell Reloading


Professional affiliations:

-Glock Sport Shooting Foundation member

-International Defensive Pistol Assoc. member

-National Rifle Association member

-Nevada Firearms Coalition member

-Palomino Valley Gun Club member

-A Girl & A Gun National member

-Gunsite Academy Instructor Development Alumni

-Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation member





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