Firearms Foundation


This is a NO LIVE FIRE class.

This class is a comprehensive introduction to firearms.

You will learn:

  •  The Second Amendment

  •  The safety rules of firearms

  •  How to identify and safely unload:

    • Semi automatic pistol

    • Revolver

    • Bolt action rifle

    • Semi automatic rifle

    • Break action shotgun

    • Semi automatic shotgun

    • Pump action shotgun

  •  Ammunition, how to identify it and know if it is appropriate for the firearm


There is a lot of hands-on gun handling in this class. All learning materials are provided including firearms and dummy ammunition for training in class.

If you have firearms you would like to learn about and how to safely handle, you can bring those and we will teach you with your firearms as well. Please do not bring any ammunition to the class. 

Although this is not a required class this is a great foundation before you attend our 101 classes or our CCW course. If you do not own a gun this class will give you a lot of information to help you make a great choice when you look to purchase your firearm.