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Certified Armorers

We have certified armorers for Springfield Armory, Ruger, and Benelli. If you would like your firearm cleaned and the annual service performed we can do that. Our armorers have extensive training, current certificates, and practical experience working with the firearms. We keep meticulous records of the work and condition of the firearms and make sure they are functioning and all parts are within factory specs.

Private Instruction

We offer individual and group lessons if you just want to learn the basics of firearms safety and shooting in a non class setting. Our instructors will go over safety with you and the basics of handling firearms then get you out on the range to get shooting!

Your individual goals can be discussed and a plan can be set to help you accomplish those goals.  We can take you all the way from basic introduction to advanced marksmanship techniques. Our instructors will take the time needed to make sure you are safe and confident when you handle firearms.


Hunter Education

We provide Hunter Education classes in order to foster a love of the outdoors and a mind for ethical conservation of our natural resources.

These classes are regularly scheduled or can be requested for special groups.

We teach several advanced classes for the Nevada Department of Wildlife. 

Learn to shoot courses for shotgun, rifle, and muzzle loader

Introduction to hunting

Basic archery


Range Safety Officer

We can send a trained Range Safety Officer to your event to oversee the range and ensure your participants have a safe and enjoyable time at your event. We can be involved in the planning process and set up a SOP for your event, or we can be there the day of to ensure all safety rules are followed.


We also offer to have our team come and set up an SOP for your range and go through your facilities to make sure you have the resources and are following guidelines for health, security, and safety. Having a professional SOP drawn up by a certified Chief Range Safety Officer can help lower your insurance premiums and minimize confusion for your clients or employees.


Special Events

Want to have a firearms event for your company or club? Our instructors will make this happen for you. We can plan an event and special classes for your specific needs. We will make sure that your event goes off without a hitch and that all participants have the best time and leave with a greater sense of comradery.

We can help you host a variety of nationally accredited events such as NSSF First Shots, Women on Target, and Refuse to be a Victim. Or we can tailor make an event just for you. We can provide firearms, learning materials, display items, and of course qualified and professional trainers to present your classes.


Private Site Security

We will conduct a private risk analysis of your home or property as well as teach you personal protection techniques.  Contact us directly for additional options.

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