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Product Description

  • Long-range target camera system
  • Costs less than the previous model
  • Vertical orientation
  • Great for night-time use
  • Better signal strength

The TARGETVISION LR-2 is the second generation long-range camera system from TARGETVISION. The LR-2 operates the same as the previous model but comes at a significantly reduced price, resulting from design changes and manufacturing optimization.

The major differences between the new model and the LR-1 shooting camera are:

  • Vertical orientation (new) vs. horizontal orientation (old)
  • The addition of infrared LEDs that allow the camera to be used at night
  • Reduced battery life, 12+ hours instead of 16+ hours
  • Improved signal strength and communications
  • The shooting target camera and receiver now sit on the included tripods which help to improve signal strength 
  • Camera can be pivoted to look at the target. This allows to camera and receiver to be better aligned, which provides better signal strength

The LR-2 is a fixed lens, portable, battery-powered, wireless target camera system that can be viewed from a phone or tablet. This target camera has a range of one mile and a runtime of 12+ hours. TARGETVISION is the perfect companion for long range shooters, competitive shooters, and people who are looking for a more interactive and entertaining shooting experience. This unit is able to clearly see .17 caliber bullet holes (and larger) at any distance up to a mile. TARGETVISION consists of two pieces: the camera/transmitter and the receiver. The target camera system sits downrange about 10-15 feet from the target and can be moved within that range to adjust the field of view. The receiver sits next to the shooter on the ground or shooting bench.

External antenna is not required to go one mile, but optional.




Instructional Videos 

APP Video 



  • Resolution: 1280 X 960
  • Pivotable Camera
  • Batteries: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
  • Band: 2.4GHz
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Hard case dimensions: 16.00" x 13.00" x 7" (IP67 Rated)

In the Box

  • TARGETVISION receiver
  • Waterproof, crush-proof, dust-proof custom hard case
  • 12V DC charger
  • 2 tripods

LR-2 (One Mile) - Long Range Target Camera

$649.00 Regular Price
$551.65Sale Price
  • Save $39.00 by shopping with us and we will include TargetVision's 2-Year Bulletproof Warranty to protect your investment!

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