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Gear Watch, Overwatch holster

Here at Integritas we strive to give our friends and customers the benefit of our years of experience working with firearms. One of the most important pieces of gear any serious hand-gunner needs to consider is the holster. Holsters can range anywhere from five dollar cloth holsters in the bargain bin to exotic leather custom work with the associated premium price and long wait. As with anything in this industry; opinions vary, but some of the main points you need to consider are: 1. The intended purpose of the holster. 2. What features do you want it to have? 3. What is your price range? 4. Are you willing to wait for the holster? Overwatch Holsters are made to order, by hand, and while they advertise a ten day wait our friend Ian at Overwatch Holsters spun this nice bit of kit for our Glock 19 in under a week. This two piece .080 Kydex straight drop holster was very effective and comfortable during a handgun competition and while teaching half day classes. We were very impressed with the weight and workmanship. The holster is contured to fit the body well, so well we often forgot we were wearing it. The edges are smooth and the retention is just right for our purposes. The belt loops are adjustable for ride height and cant, though we do recommend you Locktite them once you determine where you like to wear it. Last but not least, the American flag pattern and Melanite coated hardware set our patriotic hearts aflutter. Like all Overwatch Holsters it comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Yes, you read that right. Any issue, whatever the cause, just return it to Overwatch and they will repair or replace free of charge. While we often debate and deliberate about the best gun to carry or compete with, one bit of gear that is often overlooked or under researched is holsters. Having used many different varieties of holsters over the years in military, competition, and concealed carry applications I can highly recommend “The Overwatch” for your outside the waistband (OWB) needs. The $50 retail price just adds the icing on the cake.

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