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Bulletproof Friday: An Introduction

Welcome to our Friday-ish Blog.

I intend to put up articles about every other Friday, barring holidays so stay tuned for more.

The name “Bulletproof Friday” comes from my time as a Marine Scout Sniper. Often Fridays were days when there would be a lot of physical and mental stress put on the student or non-sniper platoon members. The Marines would learn to persevere because “It’s Bulletproof F@&’n Friday!” Meaning- no matter how bad it gets, it’s going to end because the instructors will want to go home for the weekend at some point. Friday made you bulletproof because you had made it through another week, all you had to do was suck up whatever discomfort was being thrown at you and you would survive.

This attitude carried on throughout. When things got bad or frustrating it was time to become bulletproof. This also applied to telling people things they might not like, saying the hard words that were truth despite the political correctness or sensitivities of those in charge of you. You owed it to yourself, your sense of duty, and honor to speak these words. Which brings me back to this blog.

The intent of these Bulletproof Friday articles is to give you the unvarnished truth, and to let me rant from time to time. If you enjoy it- I’m happy for you, have a cookie. If you don’t like it- I don’t care about your feelings. Either way, please give some feedback, questions you would like answered, or topic ideas.

Picture courtesy of Josaphat Orozco Photography.

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